The Hive Network Presents - The Hive

Every game needs a community to be successful, right? We at Hive Gaming believe in building community strength by bringing everyone together. Not just with our forums, tournaments, or news postings but also with a unique client application, The Hive.

The Hive was designed and created with the plan to bring gamers together through actual chat software that would double as a game launching platform. The Hive will have a wide array of features including: chat, instant messaging, streaming news, virtual lobbies with the option for private user rooms, voice, and video support for starters! We plan to implement a whiteboard type feature into private rooms so that clans or people may chat and have a chance to illustrate their ideas or strategies. Ideally we would like to make a home for a game's community. Let's face it, forums are great but threads and waiting for replies are boring! With The Hive you can jump right online and start chatting, instant messaging and playing in just a few seconds. You can start with the integrated browser, allowing clans and websites to host rooms and link directly to their website.

Are you a competitive gamer? Do you like playing in tournaments? How does the ability to log onto our software, sign up to a tournament and speak with your opponents directly, and then creating a room and launching the game to play together sound? We aim to provide easy to use controls, customizable avatars, and personal icons. We have a full Instant Message environment built into our client, with file transfer and all! What if you won a tournament in your favorite game, how would the community see you? How about your friends? Well with the Hive you will stand above the rest!

(Instant messaging)

The Hive Pager is a very nice tool to use to help keep track of your friends and new gamers alike. Some of the features the Pager will include are: file transfer, offline messaging, friend request, and private messaging. Platinum features for the pager are the ability to use private voice and file storage.


(Virtual lobbies & Rooms)

The Hive will have a series of Game & Chat lobbies for the different types of games we support. In each lobby there is a Master chat room. This is known as the Game Lobby. In this lobby you are able to chat, view player profiles, join player rooms, or create your own room. Rooms are the heart of our software. This is where you'll probably spend most of your time when you’re logged in. Rooms are similar to the lobbies however they have a lot of different key features that lobbies do not. Such features include voice and chat communication, Cams, Room Moderator and Web, Game launching, Avatar, and Drawing board tabs.

(Virtual Lobby)


(Virtual Rooms)


(Voice and chat Communication)

Once inside and user created room players will have the ability to chat just like in the lobby and also use voice communication. Room Moderators have the power to give you unlimited chat or remove your right to talk. Unless given unlimited chat you will only have 20sec (per click) to speak. After 20 sec the microphone will unqueue and you will need to click it again if you need to say more. We do this to help prevent mic hugging and ranting. The Room Moderator controls the room and has power over its guests with tools such as: Kick, Mute, Room URL and allow unlimited voice chat. The Moderator also controls the game launcher and game settings

(Game launching)

Game launching is a tool that is available to room moderators. This is a very user friendly tool for configuring game settings and then launching the configured game. Platinum users will have the option to launch dedicated servers. Using owned and operated co-located Servers built by us. Our servers are located in a state of the art data center in Chicago utilizing bandwidth from Level3, NTT, nLayer, PCCW, and a lot of local peering points (no Cogent). We plan to expand our servers and services both nationally and internationally as our company grows. The Hive client also has the resources and bandwidth capable of hosting 1000's of users. The Hive Network prides itself in delivering premium service and equipment to its clients.

Why Chicago?

More long haul fiber goes through Chicago than any other city in the United States. Most of the fiber connecting the East and West coasts of the United States goes through Chicago, giving Chicago ample network capacity as well as routes that offer low latency to both the East and West coasts. Chicago also has an extremely low occurrence of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes compared to most of the rest of the United States, meaning there is a reduced risk of outages due to natural disasters.

So why would you want to use our software? Why not! Let us bring the PC gaming community together, and provide a reason for game developers not to move to console. We are here, and ready to play! Also please keep in mind that the following screenshots taken for this preview are from- Alpha Build (v0.01) and doesn't necessarily represent the final version of our software or all of its features. Signups for closed Alpha testing will be posted soon. Only active members on AVPSource.Net will be considered to the 1st Closed Alpha Test. So if you signed up for alpha testing, it may be a good Idea to stop by AVPSource.Net and drop a post or two.