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avatar ChoSenOne - 2010-11-24 14:53:09
Currently I’m living in the oceanic region – most U.S servers I have played on have an excessive amount of lag – however it’s actually quite amazing how the american AvPsource servers have changed my opinion of overseas gaming. The guys at source must have someone looking out for them, because their servers set the benchmark for national, and international competitive gaming.

avatar Fr4gUH4rd - 2010-11-23 15:34:05
I have several servers from this company including: an AvP server, a Team Fortress 2 512fps server, and a TeamSpeak 3 voice server. All of my servers are wonderful and we have experienced only minor latency issues (again this is code based) even with players from as far away as Russia and India (the server is located in Chicago, US). I tested several of their test servers as well as read testimonials and asked around on forums and I have never heard of anything bad regarding this company or their service. I highly recommend them for all of your game server or voice server needs.

avatar |ES|REDRUM|LDR| - 2010-11-08 22:40:50
|ES| has been around since March 2001. We have used all kinds of companies over the years. HiveGaming's gameserver, voiceserver and webhosting services are truly premium high quality at great prices and their 24/7 Server Support is excellent. We are very happy with HiveGaming.Net! We run a CSS GunGame Server, AVP 2010 server, and TeamSPeak 3 voiceserver with great ping and uptime. We also migrated our 700 MB PHP-Nuke website totally seamlessly with no interruptions. We especially appreciate the real connections that HiveGaming.Net has in the gaming community and we're really looking forward to "The Hive" application. Buy your premium gameserver and voiceserver from HiveGaming.Net today! |ES|4LIFE |ES|REDRUM|LDR| www.es4life.com

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